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We will be posting game updates, news, and a list of community contributors here.

July 27

The Maid of Loyalty form for the round win was graciously donated by Alice Lanford. Its art comes from SashaTF.

July 27

Round 76 has ended! Thank you everyone who participated! The maid theme form has been handed out to those that met one of the criteria to receive it. There were a good 170 folks! If you believe you met a requirement and did not receive the form, please reach out to staff with the character you believe it should have been received on, and the victory you believe you met. We will look into it and determine if you did meet the requirements or not.

July 21

Howdy folks. Our resident Fluff maid has offered to update some of the art on a few spells currently in game. Below is a list of spells that have had their art updated!

July 13

July 11

As there are round victories based around PvP achievements and mechanics, this announcement will only be made once. If you find at some point that you are unable to tolerate the actions and events that come with PvP, then you will be required to opt out of PvP and go into Super-Protection from your settings. If there are too many complaints and bad actors over the course of this round's PvP in regards to or related to the round achievements, they will be removed from the victory pool. There will be no more warnings following this.

June 23

June 22

Chaotic Times
Sunnyglade - Monday, June 22, 2020
All Fun and Games!

A special thanks to all of those who participated in the Fairy Games!

The Sunnyglade Tourism Council would like to thank all of those individuals who participated in our Midsummer celebrations! The local fairies sure had fun, and there wasn't too much havoc to be wrought! For those who played in at least ten games, you'll be granted a custom to use! Those who showed some extra competitiveness will also receive an additional form!

Isn't she the sweetest?!
"Isn't she the sweetest?!""

"So, how did everyone stack up?" We at the Sunnyglade Tourism Council are quite happy to see so many citizens of Sunnyglade join in for the celebration we had this month! To acknowledge their efforts, they will be granted a special form, the Candy Fairy! We like to think it was a pretty sweet deal!

On top of that, the winners will be gifted with an additional form, under the guise of the Cat Fairy, Champion of the Fairy Games!

Special thanks go out to Shredster Khan and Maddie Meadows for completing this round's achievement wins!

For those that win, keep an eye on your inboxes for information on how to access the form once it has been handed out.

The game will now be put into Chaos!

We hope you had fun!!

June 7

  • New spell, Greatsword of Emasculation, submitted by Ellis Hamlin! Additional credits go to Kattie Hamlin/Aerethia, Gogo Blackwater. Graphic is by Gogo Blackwater (DoubleDamnit). This spell turns its victim into a Lewd Vigilante!

Oh, cool! A new spell!

June 6

It's that time again! Though, we might not have done this one before! During the time of Midsummer, be on the look out for fairies and the games they play! Flipping the vagueness on its here, it is easy to achieve a round victory! All you need to do is play with Jewdewfae a bunch, or lead the charge in taking down the crazed exiled fairy!

Other, less-mechanical events will be available this round. You may see folks traipsing about in fairy forms; they're looking to run their own games, or might be looking to cause some of their own mischief. Why not join in the fun? You never know what kind of trouble you might wind up in!

Be on the look-out for an announcement about playing an actually game or two! The Sunnyglade Tourism Council will be hosting tournaments of a number of different kinds of games which will be open for players to join in on. These will appear randomly during the round, so make sure to pay attention!

  • New spell, Forgotten Rites, submitted by Lamron! Additional credits go to ellis Hamlin, Proofreading. TT chat generally for suggestions. Graphic is by Lamron. This spell turns its victim into a Goblin Priestess!
  • New spell, Tribal Art at Its Finest, submitted by Lamron! Additional credits go to Csilverblade16 for the art. Graphic is by Csilverblade16. This spell turns its victim into a Goblin Mask!
  • New spell, Dragon Eater, submitted by Cloudydaes! Graphic is by Cloudydaes. This spell turns its victim into a Bloated Banneret!

Welcome to the fairy games!

May 19

A special thanks goes out to those that participated in this month's event! Lindsay Bradley and Adam Hillman flung quite a few spells, with Kayla Mcintire and Terra Ward wearing their forms proudly through-out the event! Holly Ryder and Christi Bender also nibbled their way to their own victories with the number of flowers they both consumed!

Next month's even is going to be a bit different, so hopefully it will spice some things up. Midsummer is upon us and there will be some more fairy games to play!

May 2

The Sunnyglade Tourism Council would like to welcome everyone with a new spring in their step! No, wait, that was last month's sponsored event, wasn't it? Well, then, April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes! So, why don't we get some of those flowers showing?

For the month of May, we'll bee celebrating spring's renewal again with round victories based on (if you couldn't guess) flowers! And what would flowers bee without a few of our pollinating friends? The buzz is that they'll be around to help any fairy that might not have a home to call their own!

Are we a little vague with these? That's kind of the point! Try to have some fun!

Contributions and Contributors

Thank you to the many people who have contributed to the game.

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